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About The Artist

Jeff Brewer is inspired by tin-toys and the comic book style of the 40's and 50's.
His rockets are scale models of the space craft you build in your backyard; riveted and welded
together from scrap metal, and custom out-fitted to explore outer space or save the world from evil.
All Cool Rockets designs are original creations and are copyrighted by the artist.

Jeff began his own rocket workshop in Marin County in 1995. The rockets were so, well, cool, that
soon a limited edition series was in demand. Each rocket design is custom built, molded, hand-cast
in resin, and then hand-weatheredto show the wear and tear of many miles of space travel.

Jeff often works as a model maker for the film and commerical television industry.
His film credits include:
Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" • Men in Black
James and The Giant Peach • Starship Troopers
Star Trek VIII-First Contact • Star Wars Episode I • Pearl Harbor

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